Story Alchemy

This service is coming in 2021


A unique story written for you and about you, shaped and commanded by your own inner blueprint. A story about your shadow. And your light.

We will access the shadow version of your life's story, then inverse the slavery scripts. In other words, we will locate your higher mythological-genetic blueprint and compose a living story to inspire you to align to this blueprint.

Be inspired by your fundamental codes.

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Who are you? Who do you want to be? Become the best version of yourself. Re-vitalize your identity, re-sculpt the vibrancy of the deepest Character you are.


What is the burning question in your heart? What quest, what task, what trial have you set for yourself to complete? Re-light the Flame in your inner Lighthouse and recommit to your deepest quest.

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Face the First Shadow that cast you. You are ready to stand your ground and let it stare, mapping its inverse to the Light you wear.


Stories are mythic maps that imprint on our subconscious and unconscious and can “entrain” us to the psychology or belief-template of the story. Re-map your life; follow the central compass Home. Re-align with your primal blueprint.



What is your unique Talent? What service can you offer, what gift to both give and receive?


Align with the higher blueprints of your essence. Your sovereign template is created with the codes that create. In the spiral of your DNA is your higher story, the one where you flex with the brilliance of your possibilities.

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Spiral in

to the Original Stories

There is a vast Library inside each of us but we mostly access the dungeon. Lets open doors to our other—Wings.


A: Before you were born, you deposited codes in the Helix Library. The Helix Library is your DNA. Codes to activate the Realization of your deepest Dream – your Original Story. A life that wings you – and all other beings. As a Human.

But in a cunning trick, the Helix Library was taken over by an Ancient Enemy, and your Original Story was censored. Your Deepest Dream was hidden. Your Potential was crushed, suppressed and concealed. The genes of your template were initialized to act out their shadow sides.

Instead of winged, your life followed a different script: a reptilian program of fear, survival and enslavement. Instead of wings – wounds. Yes, the Enemy offered you replacement versions of your Deep Story. Versions of suppression and enslavement that most humans – live out.

But what if you came to understand that the life you are living is just – a version ? And that you can enter the Helix Library to find the higher versions of your own tale? Find your Original Story, your Source Codes, your Helix Library codons? And live a life of wonder, service, and actualization of your potential?

Would you do it?

Would you travel to the Helix Library, construct your Sevenfold Key, and open the locked chambers that hold your Source Codes inside?

Of course you would.

It is the epic dream of your life to do this. Because behind those locked doors are the codons that tell the story – of your genius freaking awesome life of wonder where you are in service to a shared dream of the entire planet.

Yep. That story.

Of your deepest dream. Your highest self. Your most beautiful creations. Your human potential that truth be told – frightens you. And thing is – getting into the Helix Library? Not easy. Not even easy for Shamans to Travel there.

Go for it. You don’t need my help. Everyone can create their own access to this Library wherein you may Reverse the slavery scripts. Everyone has the capacity to become Real.

But if you do want my help – I will offer an Alchemy that will set you on your way, because I can Travel there, and I can be inspired by the codons that sparkle in your signature light, and I can then translate them into words on a page with a coherent plot, character, and alchemy. That will then inspire you—To becoming Real. To activating your full genetic blueprint. To realizing your integral Self. To using the codes of your Shadow to fully reveal your light.

Continue only if you have courage, Friend, for the path is twisted, and the way sometimes dark and hard. (I won’t lie to you). Who am I?

None, but a Friend on the Journey.

A:  Please read the FAQs before purchasing your story, then purchase online via paypal. If you would like to pay a different way, no problem. We also accept email money transfers to[at] Then:

  1. You will receive by email, and will fill out an in-depth psychological, archetypical and personal questionnaire. It is long and may take you some time to complete. Take your time. Get to know yourself. Answer deeply.
  2. Email it to us at the above email. If, after receiving it, we have further questions, they will be emailed to you. You can respond by email.
  3. Your Story will be written and sent to you when it is done.

With the Keys you will share with her, the Story Seer will enter the Helix Library, compile the codon correspondences of your higher genetic template, and write your personalized, mythic, archetypical story based on your soul’s blueprint. This story is intended to activate your remembrance and realization of your deeper, mythic, primal identity, one that you can choose to actualize in your waking life.

A: How long it will take depends on the length of the story, and the cost varies depending on what length as well.

A: Fill out the questionnaire and soon the beginning of your story will be sent to you, with a set of choices. Choose one. Send it back. We will write the next section, and return it to you with a second choice. Choose and send it back. We will write the next section based on your choice, and send it to you with a third choice. Etc. You will have four choices and the story will be shaped by these decisions. It’s a choose your own adventure story, just for you.

A: You are quite right: I don’t. I don’t have any authority to do so, nor do I have any clue what those things are, none whatsoever. I’m not psychic. YOU know these things, and they are stored within your heart and mind. I’ll just ask you the right questions to find out what they are, and use your answers to locate deeper codes. Even if you don’t know consciously, I can ask the right questions to find out the subconscious answers. Once you tell me the keys, I’ll map your story onto a mythical, archetypical template that can inspire you, and I’ll work with inversing your shadow codes into a story that can inspire your liberation.

I have ZERO authority over you. I have ZERO psychic abilities about who you are, and without you giving me the keys to access the chamber in the Library that is yours, I have NO IDEA what your deepest story is: none.

You know. It is encoded within you. I simply ask the right questions so that together, we can pull out this blueprint of your Self from the deep, unconscious parts of the Helix Library that you may not have yet visited. I have experience with Traveling to this Library, and with you giving me the right keys, I can help unlock the chamber where your codes are stored.

My talents are archetypical, mythic, intuitive, imaginative and more than any of the others, artistic— not psychic. I enable the transformation of the codes you share with me, into a story, because I write stories. That is what I am, a Storyteller. You are the one who will decide on your character, plot, shadow, quest, gifts, and way. You decide, not me. You may have just forgotten. I will help your mind re-mind you what they are.

You are the author of your own story, the one you live. I just want to write a story that can help you step into this reality more fully. Totally. I have a talent both in wielding words, in seeing archetypical patterns, and in creating mythic, visionary material using the high mind and the higher imagination, both of which allow me to conceptualize and Travel to the Helix Library, and the Tree of Portals.

With gentle clarity, let me say: I have zero tolerance for new age bullshit that suggests that any psychic, intuitive, or teacher knows more about you, than YOU do. There are many new age gurus and teachers and healers, etc, with psychic abilities who may tell you this or that about yourself: your shadows, your talents, your way, what to do, how to do it. Go to 10 psychics and you will get 10 different readings. They may help, or they may not.

But for me? Such things are simply diversions from the path to Sovereignty and one’s own, inner authority.

My task is to question you deeply, to make YOU reveal the blueprint encoded deep within you. You may know parts of your Story consciously, and other parts may yet be unconscious or subconscious. Once I have access to some of your own source codes that you reveal to me, I can travel deeply into the Helix Library and access a book and template that corresponds with this blueprint. My own muse will guide me: my creations are original, and they are built around and informed by your codes and archetypes. Your story will be archetypical. In essence, you become my Muse for this Story, and your life-codes become the plot and the points that the story circles around.

You do not need me or the stories I create. Please re-read that last sentence. Please re-read it again. You do not need any external anything, actually. Your own Authority and Sovereignty is within you, stored there, and it can be un-stored in many ways. Often, the way we unstore these stories is to be inspired or reminded of them — by a piece of art, a person, a song, an idea, nature, an experience, etc.

I would be honoured to assist, to be a Friend on the way, and to offer inspiration for you to remember what you yourself created. In the context of the world we live in, having some direction, guidance, and inspiration can be powerful, and for some, necessary, as this can be a difficult reality platform. I provide inspiration to those in resonance, as a catalyst and guide. When you need a friend on the journey to help guide you home, I’m here.

A: First off, you do know – the knowing is just buried under layers of distraction, dysfunction, and cover-up. Secondly, you don’t have to know your gifts and talents, for me to write your story. All you have to know is your Shadow, and we all are well aware of our Shadows. From knowing your shadow, which is unique, we can know the Light you will become, because it is by inversing the Shadow codes that we can access your higher templates.

That said, you have to do your best to fill out the questionnaire fully. Take your time. Breathe. Contemplate your self. Know thyself.

“There is understanding of the world precisely to the degree that there is understanding of the self” — Manifesto of the Sovereign Integral

A: Yes, but perhaps not in the way you think. Your genetic template, while mysterious, is not unknowable. It can be understood chemically or biologically, which is not what I’m doing. In this case we are examining it mythically. It can be mythically and archetypically assessed by examining the patterns, codes, and matrices in your life, as well as your psychological longings and innate purpose as a life-form, which you will feel either subconsciously or consciously. A template or blueprint is, in itself, an archetype, and we assess your genetic archetype. 

The genetic code can be thought of as a language or metaphoricallya manuscript. It is a blueprint for a life and akin to a manuscript, or more accurately, a Library of manuscripts, given that we are a species, and DNA is what connects the species. However, there are versions of the manuscript that corresponds to Your Life Story. Most of us live out the default version until we wake up and make a conscious effort to actualize the higher version.

The shadow version is the default version, and from the dysfunctions on the planet, it is clear that most humans live this out. Every gene has a shadow side and a gift side. By assessing your character template, life, and psychological patterns through astute questioning and energetic assessment, we can begin to see the template of your shadow.

Using mirrorcode alchemy, we then Travel to the Helix Library using your template, and inverse the keys, thus painting the picture of your liberated Self from the particular shape of your Shadow.  You are essentially the author of this story: we will simply put it into a format that you can read and engage with, for our talent is story-making. In essence, we are the translator of your story, from the codes of the Helix Library, into the English language as a short story, novella, novel, poem, spoken word, or rap.

A: I coined the name, Helix Library, not the place, which has borne many names. It has also been called the following: Akashic Library, Genetic Library, Subconscious, Unconscious, Tree of Life, World Tree, Hall of Records, etc.  Some of these are actually different entities than one another, but for the purposes of this discussion we will lump them all into one category to keep things simple for now. But to be clear, I am NOT equating the Helix Library with what is commonly thought of as the Akashic Records. They are not the same thing.

The Helix Library is the spiral of DNA, which as scientists tell us, contain codes and blueprints for building life-forms and all of their tendencies, traits, abilities, characters, properties and predispositions. This blueprint can be thought of metaphorically as a book, program, or a manuscript of possibilities in your life. The codons not activated at birth can be activated, and when they are, you encompass more of your human potential. While you are not locked into a exact set pattern, you do have traits and abilities that are encoded in your deepest blueprint of self. These can be aligned with.

Before you were born, the infinite part of you deposited an image/book/blueprint within the Helix Library that contains the essence of your deepest self, or your actualized, fully realized human self. This image is hidden in your DNA manuscript until you access it through your choice and will: it is part of the dormant DNA (what some scientists erroneously refer to as Junk DNA). When you access this image, you are able to see your potential, and with this map, you are able to actualize your potential. The Helix Library is simply a way to conceptualize DNA from a mythic, metaphoric, and archetypical perspective.

The Helix Library is not a physical location, but a set of energetic patterns, thought-forms, and belief systems that can be imagined as a Library, and it can be traveled to via the vehicle of the Imagination coupled to the power source of a pure heart coupled to the vehicle of Breath. The mind must be silent and free from filters or the information the individual receives in the Library will be distorted.

A: It’s not. It has the potential to activate your potential. Some people have touched the outer edges of the High Mythic Stories in the Helix Library some time in their lives–through dreams, when a novel or movie touches their hearts, sometimes in real-life experience–and some have taken steps to becoming this deeper identity and actualizing their deepest selves. But most have not fully realized or actualized their fundamental selves (their best selves) in this world. We all struggle to exert this ideal.

With your authority and guidance, I decode your blueprint and write a story of this deeper, mythic character, of your human potential and your unique abilities, hopefully touching your heart, activating your remembrance, and inspiring you to recall who you are, your mythic quest, your true character, your genius, and offer some keys to spark your mind and heart.  Think of it this way: imagine an epic hero in some book or movie (or in real life) that inspires you – great. Now imagine a personalized story written with your own bloodcodes: let the epic hero who inspires you, be the Deeper You.

A: You don’t have to. (We don’t believe in spiritual mumbo jumbo either, by the way.) There is a part of you that is a beautiful version of your best self. Your greatest potential. Your hero. Your epic character. Your human potential. The blueprint of this great self, is encoded within you, but it is just a blueprint, a template: it is up to you to make it real.

We intend to inspire you to unlock the locks on that blueprint, dust it off, and then make something with it: Your Best Self. If you believe in becoming a better person and helping create a better world, for yourself and others, and that you have a greater character waiting to be unlocked, and a best self to live — then use this terminology instead. It doesn’t actually matter what you believe, just that the story inspires you to face your Shadow, and Realize your Greatest Potential, and stories do have that power.

We all use words to attempt to describe something.  For many of us, talking about actualizing our human potential is enough. Boom. Done. Go forth, and Be Brilliant, Intelligent, Aware and Kind!

Many of us, though, are coming to describe our best selves and its highest potential as the uniting of our human self with the divine self, the soul, the Sovereign Entity, the Presence, the Original Self, the god-self, and many other word-concepts that have reflections in the so-called “spiritual” realms. If you are uncomfortable with these beliefs, it doesn’t matter to us, and it is not necessary to use them. Words, beliefs, and definitions tend to create separation. We can use the terminology that speaks to you. Like a shaman, we are foremost practical in that regard, i.e, we ask: what works?

Basically we just want to write you a story that inspires you to actualize your deepest dream, your best life, your greatest potential. Let’s do that.

A: This is a subjective assessment. Value is relative. The requested financial investment to purchase a story reflects the time it takes to Travel to the Helix Library multiple times, assess your codes, return unscathed, and both decode and write your Story.  It can take months of full-time work to do this, including using the focus of dreamspace and meditation on your story — and usually it takes twice as long as we think it will! The process is both a mathematical, archetypical, and psychological assessment combined with the muse of creative visionary origination, which takes time. When the amount of time put into Creating these Stories is divided into hours, we are making far less than minimum wage. In fact, thanks for asking this question, now we will put all the fees higher to reflect the actual energy exchange.

Consider that Creating – true Creation – takes time. Creating a Story based on your unique blueprint takes enormous amounts of  awareness, time, consciousness, focus, commitment, energy, and love. Every word is permeated in love, for I love what I do, I consider that it is in service to all of life, and it is undertaken as a way to assist our planet to shift into a higher version of itself. I would do it for free. I would do it for avocados. I am honoured to do it.

That said, there is a cost of living on this planet, and this is my Livelihood. I wish I could reduce the investment so more people can avail themselves, but at the moment I can’t do that: I need to sustain my own life force and honour my own, simple needs to have a home and food and warmth in a healthy space for me.

With all my heart, I thank those who are supporting themselves into becoming a better version of themselves. You don’t need my Stories to do this. But they can help, and for some, they will be vital, catalytic, and life-changing. For those who want to be inspired by one, and support themselves, me, and the planet through this alchemical work, my appreciation is multi-layered and sincere.

A: One researcher said that “DNA = myth x light” —Jose Arguelles.  A Mythmaker once said that “DNA is the thread that knits space-time to non-space time, and in that union, defines a species’ trajectory” —James Mahu. Shamans and other meditators, mystics, and Travellers of the inner dimensions, have all accessed the DNA Library, and probably in very unique ways. There is more than one door or access point, and it could be said that each human must necessarily construct their own unique door and key to enter and exit freely.

That said, there is a common theme recently discovered in scientific study, in that the DNA molecule actually “unwinds” when it comes in contact with higher vibratory information fields, otherwise known as love. Yes, love unwinds your DNA. When DNA unwinds, it makes its “codons more accessible to base pairing and activation” —James Mahu. So literally, the way to activate your higher purpose and self, is to increase the bandwidth of your ability to receive and transmit love, in all its forms, including appreciation, compassion, gratitude, forgiveness, humility, understanding, and courage. Being kind to yourself and others is the way to self-mastery and activation.

I can’t change your DNA: only you can activate the non-activated parts of you. But with your consent, you can help me and I can help you reach into your template and pull forth a unique, original story about nobody else on the planet but YOU, and let the story of your genius, talent, gifts, shadows, challenges, tests and resiliencies uplift you, inspire you, muse you, and permeate you. Stories catalyze us.

Your own genetic story? Will catalyze you in unheard of ways.

I have experience in Travelling to the Helix Library and investigating the Higher Stories that Sovereigns have deposited there for their human selves to find. I have found codes and books, songs and manuscripts revealing such beauty and depicting a world of such wonder that it brings tears to my eyes and a raw ache in my heart when I think of them. Yes, part of this is my own Imagination (but most people don’t understand what Imagination actually is and relegate it to a lesser function in our world, when it is a vital tool of Reality Creation). These Mythic Stories are ours, and collectively, humanity’s, and they tell the story of our greatest potential unfolding on this planet.

This is how I tend to see you – as your best self, living your human potential. Having actualized your true self.

This particular branch of the Helix Library – the Higher Templates and Mythic Blueprints — has been locked to humans, who are vibrating on fear wavelengths. One cannot access the higher levels of the Helix Library when vibrating in fear and separation.

So, love is the first step. Then, projecting an altered perception through a mythic and archetypical lens, I Travel, in the shamanic sense of the word, and gain access to a whole Library of Higher Stories. When I return I use my visionary imagination to craft a piece of art based on your codes. I use a mythological lens, the judicious and fierce use of imagination, and my love of wielding words.

Ta Da!

I have no “authority” to do this. There is no governing body that has invested in me a certificate, PH.D, or award.

A: No, we retain the publishing rights. We may use it on our website, in our forthcoming books, or publish it elsewhere, at our need and discretion. If we do publish it, your identity will not be disclosed and nobody will ever know the story is about you.

Think of it like this. When you buy a book from a store, you are buying that copy, but you aren’t buying the publishing rights to the book.

Now you may say, sure, but a book costs around $25 and these stories are in the hundreds of dollars. First off, the actual cost of writing these stories is far higher than the fee we are asking. The actual amount of time it takes to create an original piece of art for you is enormous, and will consume weeks, months, and take over our dreaming world and entire focus. This is our livelihood and we put time, heart, soul, mind and entire self into their creation – just for you. Second, those authors are not energetically assessing you and composing a piece of art for you. So, it’s different. You are our Muse for the story about you.

You are purchasing the original story and the energetic assessments to make it uniquely yours. You can share your story with others as much as you want, but you can’t publish it yourself.

If you would like to own the publishing and commercial rights to your story, we are willing to sell them. Then, you could publish the story yourself or do whatever you want with it. Please contact us if you would like to purchase the publishing rights as well as a Story, but we’d suggest not really worrying about it. You probably don’t need them. Unless you really do. Then, as you wish.