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Story Alchemy

Authorize your Self

A unique story for you and about you, shaped and commanded by your own inner blueprint. A story about your shadow. And your light.




"It is perfectly okay to write garbage--as long as you edit brilliantly"
 -C. J. Cherryh

Professional editing services including line edits and ghost-writing. Specializing in comprehensive edits via the critical imagination to take your novel, short story, manuscript, e-book or blog to the next level.



Breathwork Coaching

Resource every dimension of your life with the power of the breath

Breath is the greatest technology in existence and can re-wire your entire life in ways that will shock you with beauty and grace. Book a coaching session and let the breath revolution begin.

The Sevenfold Map.TOLA copy

The Mythic Game Oracle

A Choose-Your-Own Adventure Tarot

Is it tarot? Choose Your Own Adventure? A game? An Oracle?  Yes to all. Book a reading with the Story Seer and map your life codes across the symbols of myth, game, and story. 


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