Restoring the Mystery


Leaf’s vision with the Helix Library Mythos is to create art, poetry, novels, NFTs, curriculum, experiences and other materials to inspire the creation and connection to one’s own inner genius and story and a return to one’s sovereignty, power, and selfhood.

Tools to activate the heart and mind. Mythic, imaginative, heart-based & life-changing content.

The aim is to facilitate an empowering connection to the higher mind and to the heart. Not the sentimental heart but rather the energetic heart which is a portal to life in all times, dimensions, and spaces.


The heart has been shown by science to be an electromagnetic field of energy that can influence our day to day reality when it is coherent and positive, that is, generating care via emotional stability. When a person is connected to the power of their heart’s story they can create a personal world and contribute to a collective world in alignment with love, wonder, and connection.

The coherent heart stabilizes the planet at this time of planetary change and chaos.

Leaf’s work is an attempt to catalyze this inner connection with one’s own story, genius, art and heart. When one is connected to the deepest and most creative parts of the Self, one can Create Universes, for the benefit of all beings.

We are here to create and inspire living myths to restore love on the planet


Things to do if you are the Air

Breath is the lifeforce of all creatures and in some traditions is considered the presence of soul. This poem + film speaks to how air unifies all beings and animates our very presence on the planet.

@thehelixlibrary @NivPoet

Heartwood Mystery

Mythmaking. This series unites poetry + photography from Heartwood, a mythic wilderness sanctuary in the Land Between, an ecotone uniting the St. Lawrence Lowlands and the Canadian Shield.


Elves, mages, magic and the mystery of the True Self. What Self is beneath the hood? Esoteric and metaphysical art and poetry opening portals to other realities, stories, and landscapes.

Luminous Signals in the Dark

Relighting the Flame. The approach of your deepest heart. The return of love on the planet.

This series is part of the “Luminous Leaves” collaboration with filmmaker @NivPoet

The first of the series is You Are the Art, a cinematic spoken word film, available now on Foundation


When you purchase an NFT from one of these projects, you are financially contributing to the creation of the Helix Library Mythos, which includes the projects Camp Heartwood Mystery and Luminous Leaves.


Heartwood is an off-grid wilderness home and sanctuary designed to assist others to activate their full potential as a lifeform on the planet. Here we plan to offer experiences and tools to activate the heart and mind and assist others to perform the Great Work of becoming human. Heartwood is located in the Land Between, an ecotone spanning the Canadian Shield and the St. Lawrence Lowlands. Composed of diverse ecosystems including fields, wetlands, ponds and hardwood forest, it is home to natural intelligences including wolf, beaver, coyote, deer, pine marten, turtle and otter and is home to endangered species.

Camp Heartwood Mystery

This resource centre will offer tools, resources, curriculum and experiences for other humans to access their own innate intelligence, return to the Self, and become Real. It will be a cross between a summer camp, a home, a university and a mystery school, where participants of all ages can learn to ally with natural intelligences and the higher wisdom of the heart and mind. Returning to the intelligence of the Self.

Luminous Leaves

This is the part of the Helix Library project that will fund a set of programs and curriculum designed to relight the flame within and help others become grounded humans living from the heart. This project is the creation and execution of courses, programs, curriculum + outreach for youth and adults. @thehelixlibray @NivPoet