Helix Library

Image "Fabric of Life" by René Campbell

Dear Humans,

I’m Dragon.

You could call me the Librarian and I won’t correct you.

It’s close enough for now.

There is a branch of the infamous Helix Library known as the Ælven Wing. I’ve collected some of the materials and compositions deposited in this Wing and mailed them to Leaf, who is translating them and will post them here, for purposes related to love and {redacted}.

I will mail further correspondences when Time intimates this act of contact. The content for the Helix Library in its sevenfold format will not be uploaded to this page for yet some months. Patience, my apprentice, patience. The translation process takes Time.

Because you are so cool, we have added a sneak peek at some of the Helix Library content, below. Interview with Leaf is a question and answer extravaganza with the enigmatic, trickster Ælfmage and features The Helix Library, that mysterious locale. Legends of Babel is a novel excerpt. Your Fierce Signature is a poem. The Owl Mage Listens to You is a mythic short story suitable for all ages.

If you want even more content, sign up for site updates and you'll get access to a secret page. Until my next letter, dear Friend. You can find me in the dragon log.

Oh--what is the Helix Library? My dear friend, what a question. So many ways an answer from my mouth may trick you. I will say this, for now: it is a genetic repository filled with Original Stories and primal templates and other unspeakable wonders that are used to code and create Realities. Your story is there too, shelved and waiting.


Content from the Helix Library

Words to widen the Mind's Borders