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Restoring the Mystery

a short story

Restoring the Mystery is a short story about the act of creation, the flame of a secret love, and the haunting struggle to jump from the rut of reptilian track to a higher wonder.

"Feels like being entombed in the cosmic snake. It is as compelling as a Force 12 nightmare," said one reader.

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The Door of Doors

A correspondence from the 7th Gate

The Door of Doors is one of seven correspondences, each written by one of the Archmages of the Original University. This letter – the Seventh – is written by Shapeshifter himself. Because he be Trickster, don't believe a word he says! Maybe don't even read his letter, actually. Yeah, you'd better not. Scrap that idea.


Ælfhood's Elegy

A spoken word poem

The lyrics to a spoken word experiment that is a cross between rap, poetry and a mage's spell. Designed to dispell the nefarious illusion and cast creation.



From Slave to Sovereign

Get out of Jail Free

A practical, ruthlessly efficient, and mind-altering guide to becoming Real, Sovereign, Free, and stepping into the blueprint of your genius. A compilation of best practices and techniques that will serve as your curriculum and testing in the Original University. Transform from Slave to Sovereign. For Real.

It is time. To dream, write, see, envision, create, claim – and then become – something new

~ Leaf