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Open the Living Doors, Child

"We cannot do great things, only small things, with great love" ~ Mother Theresa

Thank you

"I am not here to offer beliefs. Believe nothing I say. No, I am here to remind you how to open the living doors you are."  ~Leaf


Here's what your Money Does


Creating and sharing further stories, myths, art, correspondences, songs, poems, curriculum, and stupidest I mean most coveted secrets to the seven gates. Freely offered on site.

Camp Heartwood Mystery

Camp Heartwood Mystery and related workshops and programs are still in pre-creation. Donations will assist us to ready Heartwood for a summer camp that is a cross between a school for wizards, a wilderness initiation, an alchemist's test, a heart-based tribe, and a mazed journey into total selfhood.


You are directly supporting the essence, harmony, well-being, and vitality of the creator of The Helix Library series and Ælfhood. Leaf's whole life is vitalized by your offering and she thinks you are a sweet kind creature and wants to hug you now. NOW I SAY!