Tree Ælf’s Christmas Presence

Heart Intelligence for a Healthy Mindset

This article is an excerpt from our forthcoming book, “From Slave to Sovereign: 7 Alchemical Tools to Get out of Jail Free” Greetings, friends Hey, what’s going on, on this planet? The world feels like it is in dysfunction, our cultures and families are in crisis, and humans are lost in the fields of shadow. […]


Buddha’s Zero Point

Why learn Vipassana Meditation Introduction There are many techniques that can assist one to attain self-liberation and self-realization. Some are better than others. With all due respect, some should be composted because what they are actually doing is strengthening the prison walls. Some are better for Xavier and less helpful to Esmeralda. Some have been […]


Breathwork is the greatest Technology in existence

Breathwork is the only technology you need. Fine, fine fine, don’t yell at me, I hear you. You need your smartphone, internet, and car. Plus central heating, solar panels, generators, algorithms for cryptocurrencies, airplanes, duct tape, canoes, and those thingies that open pickle jars. Shush and let me re-phrase. Breathwork is the most important technology […]