Camp Heartwood Mystery is a cross between a summer camp, a university, an outdoor centre, and a mystery school for mages, witches, sovereigns and creators.

catalyze, alchemize, kill, create and wing

A Mystery School for Sovereigns

Open the Living Doors, Child

Training for Mages, Study for Sovereigns, curriculum codes for Creators to Wing their lives

How to become a Mage

Sovereigns shapeshift to meet the needs of the now. Learn how to shapeshift your emotional position, perceptual identity, and hack the reality through the back door codes.

How to Become the Mage in the Great Game

A Choose your own Adventure into Magehood & Sovereignty

Word Magic

Words create Reality. Words bend Reality. Words open portals to new Realities. If the power of the Word isn't working in your life, it's because you have to purify it. Then? WORD. Say it. It will be done.

Game Magic

Rearrange the GAME so you get M-A-G-E. Why? So you can create the codes to this game instead of being slaves to the already set algorithm that codes your limitations.

C'mon Gamemage. Let's bend Reality around.

Elemental Magic

Nature is way more powerful than anyone realizes. The Sovereign allies with the elementals of wind, water, air, earth, with the nature entities, with the sentient Earth, with the living, speaking universe. Together we can cast spells. Alone? Nope. That way doesn't work anymore. Unite with the WE.