Legends of Babel

Is Legends of Babel meta-fiction? Sci-fi or fantasy? Esoteric Journeying? A dream within a dream within an egg? Nobody knows except for the author, but nobody knows who that is. Go on, journey into the Helix Library. Take your mage’s test. Find the book you seek. I mean, the song. I mean, the Treasure. I […]

interview with leaf

Interview with Leaf

An excerpt from Part 1 of the Interview with Leaf. Click on the image for the full pdf version. THE HELIX LIBRARY The following interview was recorded on February 1st, 2017, by Rupert Moon, and is the first interview in a set. Please note that some elements have been modified, either so they can be […]


Equinox Letter to {Redacted}

After water fasting for 107 hours, I came upon this letter written during Time of the Equinox Fire and the Setting Sun.   Dear {redacted}   Hi, it’s me, Dragon. You know, your Universe. I’m a bit ssssscaly today, forgive me if I shed one or two portals for you. I haven’t written lately. You’ve […]