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This article is an excerpt from our forthcoming book, “From Slave to Sovereign: 7 Alchemical Tools to Get out of Jail Free”

Greetings, friends

Hey, what’s going on, on this planet? The world feels like it is in dysfunction, our cultures and families are in crisis, and humans are lost in the fields of shadow. Lost where?

I don’t know, it’s too dark and I can’t see! Help! 

“From Slave to Sovereign: 7 Alchemical Tools to Get out of Jail Free” is a book that offers a set of tools that can be used by the individual to re-set the inner blueprints that inform their life, back to the original, primal, and vitalized settings. Update your faulty operating system and upgrade from your lesser, limited self to your greatest potential.

The book is an introduction to transmuting the energy systems of depression, anxiety, fear, and other lower-emotional energy systems that a human may endure, coming out of disharmony and addiction, and reanimating the life-force of the individual to states of harmony—in practical, accessible ways. Please note that to fully exchange the lower energy system for a harmonious one requires consistently applied effort over time. Results will start subtly, but you may not see bigger shifts until you have practiced the tools and techniques for 6 months to a year.

Good things take effort and time. Patience, dear friend.

The tools and techniques offered in this book can be used to build a bridge. But from where—leading to where? Out of hell. Out of prison. Out of pain, limitation, and suffering. Out of depression, addiction and slavery. Out of emotional distortions, ignorance of identity, and behavioural irresponsibility. Out of the old, heavy energy system, and into a different energy system, one that is lighter.

Out of the fields of illusion and disharmony. Out of the mental mazes that have confounded us again and again. Out of living a life we don’t want anymore. Out of being a victim, or someone who lets life “happen” to them.

From these states we cross the bridge to becoming a true Creator, living from the heart. A bridge to become new.

We would like to share an short excerpt from this book below, offering an introduction to Tool 4: Heart Coherence. Heart coherence is one of the most primary tools in your toolkit to recreating harmony in your self.

Summary of the Heart Key

The electromagnetic torus field generated by the heart creates a stable energetic system that entrains all parts of your human vessel to harmony. This harmony is meant to be created purposefully by activating positive psychological states including appreciation, compassion, understanding, courage, forgiveness, and caring. Mastery and generation of these states is a learned behaviour…so let’s learn, then let’s practice!

Summary of the Heart Lock

Most humans are locked in low emotion which create feedback loops of similar frequencies. Negative emotions are not bad; they are part of life and must be felt. But if we continually exist in low emotional states, we suffer physically, physiologically, mentally and emotionally. So we can first learn to accept them, feel them, and then also to transmute them to generate more consistently positive moods and states.

So what is heart coherence?

Hey, it’s Love of course! But we are going to describe it in a different way. 

I’d venture to say that Heart Intelligence is the most cutting-edge information set currently on the planet because it has the power to be the most transformative.

Described simply, heart coherence is learning to generate positive emotions such as appreciation, care, kindness, compassion, understanding, forgiveness and courage, and sustain these states. The heart’s energetic field interacts with the mind’s energetic field and can modify and harmonize both to create states of peace and health in your body.

You will even entrain others within physical proximity to your field when you emit a stable state, for stable states entrain other fields to align with them.

Okay, we need to get scientific for a moment. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt (much). Stay with me.

Coherence is a scientific term describing a highly efficient psycho-physiological state in which all systems of the human body, including the nervous system, cardiovascular, hormonal and immune systems are working efficiently and harmoniously, leading to increased emotional stability, improved cognitive function and the transformation of the immuno-suppressive effects of stress, anger, fear, compulsive behaviours and other negative states into healthy, joyful, peaceful states of being and living.

Hey cool! How do I do that?

Yes, it’s a skill. A learned skill. Read on, intrepid one!

Heart coherence is learning to regulate and master one’s mind as well as one’s negative emotions or moods and turn them into positive ones. Let’s be honest. This is a practice, and it’s a lot of work. It doesn’t come easy.

The Institute of Heartmath is one of the forerunners of the science behind heart coherence. Their initiative is a non-profit founded by Doc Childre, and the organization is research intensive and focused on the science behind heart intelligence and emotional coherence. It is pretty cool that coherent states can be measured by science. Word!

Physiologically, the coherence state is assessed by the increase in a smooth, sine-wave-like pattern in the “heart rate variability trace.” This pattern, named “heart rhythm coherence,” is the primary indicator of the psychophysiological coherence state.

But, hey, you don’t have to remember that. It just means that coherence is measurable. And this is good. Heartmath actually sells technology so you can measure your coherence levels, too.

Emotional experience can have positive or negative impacts on your entire system.

The heart, brain, hormonal, and nervous systems are part of a dynamic, interactive network that is responsible for emotional experience, and its empowering to realize that this experience can be chosen and entrained. We can become responsible for generating and thus experiencing positive emotions, which themselves are the pre-cursors to a whole host of beneficial magic—including the production of beneficial endocrine secretions, and strengthening the immune system.


Let’s look at the heart to go a bit deeper down this rabbit hole where magic meets science.

The Heart: Looking Deeper

The heart is a complex organ and contains many levels to “what it is.” Biologically it is the organ responsible for circulating blood through the whole body, thus transporting nutrients and oxygen to all the parts of the system. But this is just one small part of what the heart is and does. 

Some mystics say that it is the portal to the multiverse itself.

Some seers say that it is the gateway to the creation of new realities.

What about the scientists?

An interesting scientific moment was the discovery that the heart has a brain. No, this is not a metaphor: it literally has a neural network that is commonly called “the heart’s brain” and it may be responsive to emotion instead of logic.

In other words, the language that the heart and the heart’s brain uses, is emotion and intuition.

The heart generates an electromagnetic field that is torus in shape with the heart at the centre. This field extends up to eight feet from you, and is a stronger electromagnetic field than the brain. When people talk about good vibes—their intuitive sensing of this field is what they are unconsciously referring to.

The heart generates the largest electromagnetic field in the body. The electrical field as measured in an electrocardiogram (ECG) is about 60 times greater in amplitude than the brain waves recorded in an electroencephalogram (EEG). The magnetic component of the heart’s field, which is around 5000 times stronger than that produced by the brain, is not impeded by tissues and can be measured several feet away from the body.

Rollin McCraty, Heartmath.org

This electromagnetic field permeates every part of the body and acts as a synchronizing mechanism, in the same way that a radio broadcasts a channel that can be heard by many different receivers.

The heart broadcasts an information field that is received by the rest of the system, and is encoded with a set of information. If the information is constructed of negative emotions, the broadcast to the body-mind will be of this character and entrains the rest of the body to feel and sustain that vibratory rate. 

Oops! We’ve all done it! Many of us live often in these type of states, or experience them from time to time. For some, it is their entire experience.

However, there is good news!  If the information broadcast from the heart is constructed of positive emotions, the opposite will happen. The whole body will harmonize, and the brain and heart will work in greater synchrony.

Here’s a bit more of the science:

“Specifically, we have found that during the experience of negative emotions such as anger, frustration, or anxiety, heart rhythms become more erratic and disordered, indicating less synchronization in the reciprocal action that ensues between the parasympathetic and sympathetic branches of the autonomic nervous system (ANS).In contrast, sustained positive emotions, such as appreciation, love, or compassion, are associated with highly ordered or coherent patterns in the heart rhythms, reflecting greater synchronization between the two branches of the ANS, and a shift in autonomic balance toward increased parasympathetic activity.”


Coherence : Looking Deeper

Coherence is a state of optimal functioning, and it can be attained when the heart has given signals to the mind and the rest of the body that it is appreciative, grateful, loving, caring, courageous, compassionate, humble, forgiving, or any other positive emotional state. You can pick which one is easiest for you to feel and generate when you are learning this practice.

The benefits of coherence are vast, both within your personal system, and within the collective system.

Coherence in the body will generate physiological benefits including increased efficiency in fluid exchange, increased ability of the cardiovascular system to adapt to new demands, and a system-wide energy efficiency and conservation of metabolic energy, as well as a correlation with longevity and health. Psychological benefits include increased cognitive performance, mental clarity and emotional stability. 

The bottom line: benefits, and lots of them!

Coherence on a higher level is even more important: by allowing the body’s systems to work together, you are anchoring higher vibratory possibilities within your genetic makeup, and unwinding the DNA molecule. This creates the door of possibilities for entering and living in new worlds of cooperation, harmony and connection. Some practitioners say that living through the heart and seeing the world through the lens of the heart, can help you live in a completely different reality, one that is a higher field of wonder.

“The term “coherence” is used in physics to describe the ordered or constructive distribution of power within a waveform. The more stable the frequency and shape of the waveform, the higher the coherence. In physiological systems, this type of coherence describes the degree of order and stability in the rhythmic activity generated by a single oscillatory system.

In other words, you became a stable emotional system.

Coherence also describes two or more waves that are either phase—or frequency—locked. In physiology, coherence is used to describe a functional mode in which two or more of the body’s oscillatory systems, such as respiration and heart rhythms, become entrained and oscillate at the same frequency. The term cross-coherence is used to specify this type of coherence. 

What this means is twofold. One, that you can entrain others merely by being in their presence, if you are emitting a stable coherent state. And two, that we can influence the planet, the same way. Earth too, has an electromagnetic field, and we can influence it. The science behind this has been studied by the Global Coherence Project.

All the above definitions of coherence apply to the study of both emotional physiology, and bio-electromagnetism.

So what does this all tell us?

Emotional Mastery

It means we can be masters of our emotional system.

Emotional Mastery refers to taking responsibility for any negative emotions in your energetic fields and learning how to transmute them into sustained virtues of the heart. The heart virtues are many, though the ones to begin to use to augment your emotional system are appreciation, care, gratitude, and compassion, though there is also forgiveness, humility, understanding, courage, and blessing. These are obviously not the only ones.

Depression is currently the number one disease in the world, ahead of even cancer. Negative loops of emotions can entrain the body-mind to continually live in the same loop or track, continually generating the low-emotion and sustaining the reality field it represents.

Alchemically, transmuting the base and lower emotions to higher emotions is a personal responsibility, and from our perspective, literally “the” most important factor right now in our collective harmony and evolution as a human species.

Emotional disharmony and discord is high on the planet, and people do not know how to get out of the loops of depression, fear, ill-will, jealousy, hatred, anger, rage, judgment, victimization, repression, shame, hopelessness, and many others. These negative emotions entrain the entire system of you, and as well, propagate and sustain themselves and infect others as well, thus supporting the collective energetic field.

And the collective energetic field ain’t so pretty right now. Let’s be honest about that. Turmoil is alive, like a virus.

Understanding that positive emotions can be created internally and that lower emotions can be changed is a key point of empowerment.

People expect that external factors are responsible for keeping one stable and happy. People think getting a particular food will make them feel better, or landing the job, or scoring the perfect relationship, or acquiring a material resource or object, or having a friend cheer them up, or various other external factors, situations or conditions.

While we are not saying external factors can be dismissed, we are saying that happiness, harmony, and mood is an internally created state. Sure, we are influenced by externals. But mastery is accepting that we have the capacity to decide and create our own harmony, from within.

Coherence is an internally generated state, and it is time that every human on the planet takes responsibility for their emotional and energetic signature.

When someone does this, they are contributing harmony to the human collective field, and the more humans who are operating on the wavelengths of harmony, the greater the field effect on earth.

Learn how to generate heart rhythm coherence for peace and harmony in your life and self…and our planet.

Beginner’s Heart Coherence Technique 

Here is a quick technique, simplified on purpose, so it is easy to follow. And hey—we’re all beginners. Let’s have beginner’s mind, as they say in meditation circles. Please see the forthcoming book for the expanded version of this technique, or send us a request by email and we can share it with you.

How to Generate Appreciation States to create Coherence in the Body-Mind System

  1. Acknowledge how you currently feel, whether it’s stressed, angry, bitter, tired, frustrated, anxious, or any other feeling.
  2. Find a quiet place and a relaxed position, ideally with spine straight, and engage in some heart-focused breathing. Breath through your heart area. Breathe a bit slower than you normally might. Breathing through your chest/heart area has been shown to help create coherence.
  3. As you breathe, imagine you are inhaling or drawing the feeling of appreciation into your body. It comes, with the breath, through the heart. Imagine and feel with each breath that you are infusing your entire body with appreciation.
  4. If you like, you can use your imagination to remember or create this feeling of appreciation. Remember a memory in your life where you felt strong feelings of appreciation. Or create one now. You can feel appreciation for the food you ate today, the bed you slept in, the lungs that open and close to give you breath, appreciation for your parents, a sibling, a relative, a friend, a beloved, a pet, anything. Appreciation can also be replaced with another of the heart virtues if you are having trouble feeling it.
  5. Continue to gently breath through your heart and keep focused on this area, as you imagine, and more importantly, “feel” the appreciation. This is not a mental exercise of conceptualizing appreciation, but feeling it with the heart.
  6. Let the stressful feelings feel the new information set arriving and let them naturally dissolve into the new energy field you are generating.
  7. If you didn’t feel much…it can take awhile, if you are a beginner. Keep practising for 21 days to observe the shift.

May the Heart be the Governing Intelligence within you

There are more nuances to this technique and some add-ons that will help you feel and emit the appreciation more keenly. But, that’s it for now!

May the heart be the governing intelligence in your human self. May you work with it, to generate goodness for first yourself, and then others, both in your own sphere and across the planet.

Together, we can create a better world. It’s science.

with care,





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