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An excerpt from Part 1 of the Interview with Leaf. Click on the image for the full pdf version.


The following interview was recorded on February 1st, 2017, by Rupert Moon, and is the first interview in a set. Please note that some elements have been modified, either so they can be seen on the mind’s standard screen or in some cases to shield an identity for security purposes.

Rupert: Can I record this so I can accurately quote you?

Leaf: Yes. However if you can destroy the audio file after you’ve translated to text, I would appreciate it.

Rupert: Why?

Leaf: I’d prefer not to be identified at this time through voice print. It’s probably not necessary but it’s a minor precaution as I’m not ready to go fully public. I’ve taken some effort to disguise my identity, so I’ll be frank with anyone reading this that I’ve purposefully seeded selected bits of misinformation into some of my online communications, including this one, for the purposes of concealing my day-to-day identity.

Rupert: Why the precaution? Are you worried about interference from a particular group?

Leaf: There are nefarious groups who have the resources to jeopardize my mission if they so decided, but these groups could jeopardize almost anybody’s mission, with a few exceptions, and I don’t think they are focused on me, so no, not particularly. Nonetheless, the higher stories of the Helix Library and the identity of the Ælves has been purposely clouded for 11,000 years, and my revelations won’t be desirable to those who have something to lose by the disclosure.

Still, most will view the correspondences from the Helix Library as one would a speculative fiction novel, and this is certainly part of the plan given that mythological stories have a power that stated, overt fact does not. Ælves have been described in fantasy writings and myth even before Tolkien, but they have rarely been discussed in the context of DNA, lineage, genealogy, timelines, genetics, history, origins, inception and future, or in the context of fact. Ælves are so closely tied that they may indeed be inextricable from myth. I don’t mind keeping them there and at the same time, I’d like to meld myth more fully into our mundane lives. Buddha said, “All Reality is a myth. Myth becomes ever nearer to Reality.”

So no, there will mostly likely not be any countermeasures to discredit or cloud the information I’m providing, because it can be so easily labeled fantasy or myth and safely dismissed as such. Still, I’d like to keep my identity secret at this time so I can integrate more easily into my daily life. It’s a choice of privacy. This is done purely for the purposes of personal anonymity.

Rupert: Why are you releasing your work now?

Leaf: The suppression systems are well in place on this planet, but the underground love revolution has begun to dismantle the prison walls, stone by stone. More and more people are waking up to realize the suppression and control that are our cultural, political, religious, philosophical, economic, and reality models, and saving my own activism for a future time does not make sense. The Sovereign revolution and the courageous resistance to suppression requires that each of stand up and from the heart, express the realities, stories and possibilities of hope that bear the codes of a world rooted in love.

It is my own responsibility to make these stories Real and in my case, that meant coming forward to express some concepts—like tools—that are intended to widen the perimeter fence of the human mind’s habitual range. There is a long-term purpose to re-organizing the human mind complex, from its present state of static and distortion—currently the human mind is like a ship landlocked on an unholy, savage territory—to a harmonious vessel that can sail the Cosmic High Seas, as intended.

Rupert: You’ve made some thought-provoking comments about the Helix Library, and I’d like to start there, since it is central to the novel you shared with me, which I assume you’ll be sharing with others at some point. Can you explain what it is?

Leaf: The simplest definition I can start you off with, is that the Helix Library is the DNA mind. The library holds information specific to the human race, and it contains or rather IS the mind of humanity at its genetic, subconscious and unconscious levels. The DNA mind is not time-bound and is the storage of the belief systems and thought-scapes of humanity across its entire manifested life-span: past, present and future. All of humanity’s beliefs and programs across science, religion, philosophy, art, cosmology, metaphysics, linguistics and every other discipline, are found in this library.

The belief-scapes are stored in the programming chambers of the Helix Library as source coded information, and in the human vessel, these codes are broadcast via the DNA molecule. Researchers have confirmed that the DNA molecule emits coherent light, like a laser, as if it is “broadcasting.” The DNA molecule broadcasts light and sound to project a reality field that conforms to the code, creating what we see around us in our daily lives, and manifesting the cultures and contexts that we interface with. The stories and information in the Library thus inform and manifest the physical reality we engage with. They are responsible for the out-picturing of the reality platform we encounter. The Helix Library is the “blueprint” level of reality, the same way the blueprint for a house informs its physical actuality.

The problem with this is that almost all of humanity is currently accessing only a particular level within the Helix Library, and this branch contains codes and blueprints considered suppressive, limiting, distorting and controlling. This section or branch is the lower library, and humans being “informed” by and “projecting” this lower library have broadcast a prison planet of vast, global suffering. Depending on which branch and level of the Library that the life-form in question has access to, very different worlds can be projected, and currently humanity’s external systems and environments are almost exclusively sourced from the lower levels and blueprints of the Library.

Humans are currently locked out of higher stories, stories which could be considered more expansive, encompassing, and un-limiting: the freedom keys. By the way, I’m using the term stories both as a tale, and as a level—on each higher level, new stories can be told.

Rupert: Are you trying to say the Helix Library represents or contains the mind systems of humanity, both freedom networks and slavery networks? And that currently we are taking out book networks— to use a metaphor—that are the ones coded for slavery?

Leaf: In a sense, yes, though that is a simplified metaphor, which is absolutely useful for starting points. Not only are we “taking out or accessing book networks” but we are propagating and sustaining the reality field delineated by the definitions, world-views, belief-scapes and thought castles depicted by those book networks. Those book-networks or blueprints generate the reality, although the book-networks themselves are sourced from even more fundamental energy systems, in this case, of survival based on fear.

Rupert: How did you discover the Library?

Leaf: I Travelled1 to the higher levels of the Helix Library. The level of the Library that humanity has access to, the one that is informing their lives, is comprised of distorted information. This is the level of the Library that all humans can access, and could be compared to one of the lower levels or branches—or even the dungeon. The information stored here is distorted because it is not the original codes and information, but derivative.

Rupert: Derivative of what?

Leaf: In higher levels and branches of the Helix Library, there are codes, stories, templars, blueprints and information stored that are considered the Original Stories. These were conceived by representatives from humanity—that is, us—in what is considered the “ancient future.” The Original Stories are the living templars, the mythic, archetypal blueprints created by the aspects of our selves known as the First Architects and Central Designers and other Sovereign Entities (though they have many monikers), some of whom I met in these higher locations, as the Helix Library also is the human wing of the Original Library, and to say it is vast is the most perfect understatement I know.

The patterns of the Original Stories are designed by our multidimensional authors or selves to create realities, and the realities that can be generated using these blueprints are vast, powerful, sovereign, and multidimensional.

The Original Stories that were designed as seed states for possible generative worlds were modified and the distorted versions shelved in lower levels of the Helix Library in order that humans would be informed by these subverted versions—the Shadow Subversions— and not have access to the more expansive, multidimensional originals. The results of this Censorship Conspiracy is a planet of poverty, prostitution, suppression, war, slavery, greed, separation and conflict, as the distortions reflect across every level and dimension of life, from the personal and inner to the public and external, informing every aspect and moment of the third dimensional construct.

Rupert: Who are the authors who distorted the Original Stories? Is this what you were referring to as the censorship conspiracy?

Leaf: The censorship conspiracy was part of a greater effort—purposeful—to enslave humanity in a lower library of twisted stories, lies, thought-loops, and distorted information so that humans would be trapped within a reality prison, and would fight amongst themselves and be lured by distractions instead of try to remove the mental prison walls. Who is right? Is this philosophy, or that religion, or this scientific view? Is this thought-idea, or that one, true? Beliefs correlate with particular energy systems, and most of humanity’s have generated the lower emotions such as jealousy, greed, fear, resentment and anger. Conflict, wars, rape, human trafficking, enslavement: these are the results of human minds, energy systems, and emotional bodies being programmed by the codes of the lower library, and then continually generating the same codes, effectively reinforcing the program loop at every curve and turn.

The babel of the conflicting thought and mind-scapes, and the limiting visions of all of the ideas keep human minds closed and tuned exclusively to a particular channel: the channel that was broadcast from the Babel Tower in order to keep humanity divided, distracted, seeking, wanting, and fighting—all these things instead of Creating, and also instead of realizing they had been imprisoned. The authors who distorted the Original Stories were the creators of the Babel Tower, and they broadcast Anu’s channel and all of its variations to the receiving towers of the human vessel.

Anu’s channel broadcast from the Babel Tower overpowered and filtered out all other channels, including the higher harmonies, and this channel became the dominant reality on earth in the simulation. This station was the one all humans in the matrix tuned into, and it kept human minds in boxes conceived for the exact purpose of keeping human minds in boxes.

Rupert: A news channel?

Leaf: No—although that’s a revealing pun, so yes, in a way.

Anu’s Channel. A, N, U. Mythologically speaking, Anu was the emperor or king of the Annunaki race, which was a race based on reptilian genetics, and he was the leader of a combined effort to enslave humanity in this matrix or simulation, in effect creating a mental “ship” that sailed solely on his “channel”—a lower “branch” of the Helix Library. This mental ship he created for humanity IS the lower human mind system in its entirety, and the ship he created could easily be called HMS Slave. In a sense he enslaved humanity on this ship that sailed exclusively on Anu’s Channel while censoring higher channels, and excuse my profanity, but that channel was shit.

In this metaphor system I’m currently using, the Babel Tower was like Anu’s Lighthouse, promising a way out of the shit channel that he had made. The devil made a lighthouse to guide you home. But it’s not YOUR home. The lighthouse ostensibly guided the human minds seeking a way out of suffering to a certain destination—the promised so-called enlightenment—but really Anu was just leading everyone to the Babel Tower, a fake enlightenment of the mind, while the whole system was an elaborate mental loop that kept human minds stuck in repetitions and just led humans exactly where Anu wanted them to go—to another part of his house, not out of the simulation at all. It wasn’t freedom from the program, it was the illusion of freedom along the set paths of enlightenment, spirituality, and god, all of which were programs within the program, designed to keep humans unaware of the simulation and their enslavement inside it. Programs inside programs and boxes inside boxes.

Rupert: Was Anu the devil?

Leaf: Yes and no. Yes, but he was much more than just that—he is also the program of what many think of as God. It’s a complex topic.

: end of excerpt :

1} Travelling, Leaf later indicated, is one of the ways used to move between realms, realities, and dimensions. It is marked with a capital T to distinguish it from traveling within a reality platform, in the generally accepted, consensus way (such as taking the bus from a linear point A to B).


Article by Dragon


  1. Gregg April 29, 2020

    in your opinion, what is the nature of reality in terms of subjective vs objective? do you think reality is a blend of both?

    • Leaf May 2, 2020

      Reality is neither entirely subjective, nor entirely objective. Good luck!

    • Dragon May 2, 2020

      Thank you! We hope to stop time and write more soon! BOOM, CRASH, BANG…oops. We may have wrecked reality. Sorry. Time does not seem to be working anymore! Is time elastic, bending and snapping and rearranging conception? Or is time like origami suspended in folds?

      Ahem. We may have got off track a bit there as to the original point. Oh yes, time to read more. Time to write more. We command it will be so. And so it is.

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