Why this site is called Ælfhood (even though it isn’t anymore)

So. People ask me, hey, yo friend-face, why is your website called Ælfhood, and every time, I answer them the same: I drew the name randomly out of a hat. Um, I mean hood. Hey wait a second you luminous brat, isn’t it past your bedtime?

No but seriously, they say.  

I just smile dumbly and shrug—my favourite answer if you happen to catch me in person, which I will admit, does tend to be an occurrence similar to blue moon sightings. But people keep persisting with their questions, so I’d better mumble a word or two, even if it’s a High Lie or a Tall Tale or the truth clothed in a cowboy hat and a pair of stolen sunglasses.

To get a small matter out of the way first, yes, we did re-name this site to thehelixlibrary, but why I did that, and where exactly the elfhood site is nooked away, is a secret sub-story for later. Don’t worry, Ælfhood domain is safe and superimposed on this one, just hiding out for awhile on those other levels. (Ælves do that sometimes).

So what’s Ælfhood anyway huh?

The word Ælfhood (or elfhood) is a play on the word selfhood. Selfhood is when all the unique identities of the self are united in harmony, and work together under the leadership of the only one who can lead them: the original self. Selfhood in the human is characterized by coherence, harmony and integration with all sub-parts.

The self is a blueprint of the cosmos or vice versa, and there is

“Understanding of the universe precisely to the degree that there is understanding of the self” —WingMakers.com

That’s my favourite quote and so good that all explaining, tedious or otherwise, can now cease to exist. Class dismissed.

What, still here? Fine, fine. So, the study, realization, knowing and interfacing with the self is a journey into one’s unique totality, killer wisdom, primal roots, future possibility, and genetic genius, and a journey to our collective totality as well. We all have heard that inscribed in the forecourt of the Temple of Apollo, as entry to the sacred oracle, were the words

γνῶθι σεαυτόν. 
“Know Thyself.”  


Sages across the ages got giddy telling us mere mortals this exact thing — telling us over and over until we all got sick of their pedantry and told them to go kiss a feathered snake or jump in a winter lake or skip off to the Thai restaurant on the corner of Church street and please come back with takeout so good I’ll die happy. Even Jesus himself loved to ramble and mumble and rant and lecture his disciples even if they didn’t ask about how “The Kingdom of God is within.” Jesus Christ, we get it buddy!

But wait — do we really get it?

Okay, the self. It is important. Within the self. Important. But what is the self? And has everybody noticed that the blueprint of self has the word elf inside it? Of course we have, so what? Are we talking christmas-elves or fairy-tale elves or west coast festival-elves or psychedelic sighted machine-elves or Tolkien’s elves or any fantasy writer’s elves or fake new age wa-wa-butterfly-glitter-rainbow-love-and-light-elves?

Nay. Nein. No. Nada. We are not. 

We are talking primordial, intelligent, ancient, and future.

And yet intimately connected with you—even connected right now as your heart beats faster and you lean closer to your inner round table, closer to the mysterious, ancient, weirdly lit selves who are sitting with you.

Shh, listen.

Because I just know they are going to crack a joke.

The Ælves are the Ancient Future Blueprint of a Realized Human

Imagine there is a primal blueprint or templar of a human being—a self. A blueprint, a model, a prototype, a pattern, a mold. Imagine an ancient-future blueprint so vibrant with power that it is the first blueprint of a self, and it is so shiny and pure and incandescent and vibrating and intelligent that it weaves the codes to re-make itself through time and space along the thread that knits realities—dna.

This primal template is not a static blueprint like the drawing for a house. No, it is an actual living, sentient, creative, intelligent being.

It is the Original Self. The first one. And it still exists, has always existed, in Myth Time.

This original being lives in the Central Land.  Umm…where’s that?

Oh, nowhere important, just the first home, the land at the core, the central place around which the other seven superuniverses rotate. The Centre-most point of existence. This land hails from the most ancient of galaxies, so far away and blastedly and resourcefully from the origins that your mind literally cannot conceive of the distance and your mouth will start to drool and your eyes will bug out in their sockets and your cells will decompose and your brain will fry if you dare try.

Whoa, wait, what? That’s kind of mythical or is the correct term mystical and maybe not real and what are you talking about and lastly, that’s really really really really really far away.

Yes, but this being also lives somewhere else. Or at least part of it does. Closer than your heartbeat, pulsing in the centre of your cells, gliding on your breath. Scripted within. Encoded in your genes: a primal blueprint.

Within you right now as we speak.

Your genetic genius.

Umm. My genetic genius? Whaaaa

You saying I’m a genius? Well, yes. Everyone is once they connect to this template and align with their Original, Ancient Future Selves. And quite frankly? It doesn’t care what you call it. Your Genetic Genius, your Ælf, your Central Self, your Sovereign. Fred, Beast, Moron Map Model, Mockup, Dummy.

It doesn’t care, it cares that you befriend it. 

Touch it. Become it. Know it. Know Thyself. To know thyself, you will have to know all aspects of yourself. You know your human self well. You know your shadow self…ummm, very well. You know your physical self and emotional self and perhaps even your soul self. 

But have you yet met the one who encompasses all of these and all others?

Have you yet met the one who wears all of the clothes of these identities? (Or wait, maybe it’s naked. Umm, nevermind)

Have you met the one who glides on the breeze of the breath?

Have you yet met the one who provides the spaces between these words, soyoudon’thavetoreadlikethiswhichgetsannoyingquickly?

The one central to them all, the entity at the hub of the wheel of your various outposts of self?

The one who wings you and muses you and lures you and beckons you?

Have you met the self in the hood?

What hood? The neighborhood? The childhood? The brotherhood or sisterhood?

Yes, yes, yes, all of those, sure, whatevs. Because just as the self encompasses all identities, the hood holds them all. It’s a extra large hoody, bro. I bought it at the void store. The abyss has, like, stores of shit.

We are the selfhood, I am the We Are. We are the self in the hood of all identities, all personalities. When one wears a hood, one’s mask or face is hidden. Who is in there?

We don’t know! It could be anyone.

And it is. Anyone. Everyone. Various masks. It is all of us, all that we have been, and all that we can be. But the thing is, you can select which of these selves you line up with and let orchestrate this symphony of selves. Will you let the smaller selves be your blueprint, or will you align to the one that leads them all.

You know, one ring to lead them all, one ring to find them. One ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them. Thanks Tolkien. Hmm, I may have misquoted. Sorry.

Match up with your Primordial Blueprint

Match your life to this blueprint—to your own ancient future self, and become a Sovereign Creator, capable of tiny acts of wondrous kindness, and tiny acts of cosmological alterations, that benefit all life through all time.

This website, then, is dedicated to assisting ourselves and others to align with their Genetic Genius, their primordial blueprints, their primal and ancient and future selfhood. 


Because freedom. Because service. Because the world is hard. Because suffering in the world needs us, needs us to become alive again, again alive. And by aligning with this blueprint, this Self, we will vibrate with new lovesongs.

Most of us are or have been dead prisoners or victimized slaves or needy children or dumb dumb heads or closed doors. How do we become this genius in our genes? We swallow the central sun. We dig and root in the Earth.  We dance feral like madness made us and then we are still and we wait the way a stone waits, like a rock, like a fucking rock, still and unmovable, certain and grounded, weighted with conviction. We help each other, but we don’t enable lesser behaviours. We braid feathers in one another’s hair and laugh at the apocalypse. We start making the golden ages by loving. We ruthlessly identify and evict behaviours reflecting separation. We inhale. We make good services that benefit self and other.

“No one is free who has not obtained the empire of himself” —Pythagoras

“Your own Self-Realization is the greatest service you can render the world.” ― Ramana Maharshi

Article by Leaf

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