Equinox Letter to {Redacted}

After water fasting for 107 hours, I came upon this letter written during Time of the Equinox Fire and the Setting Sun.
Dear {redacted}
Hi, it’s me, Dragon. You know, your Universe. I’m a bit ssssscaly today, forgive me if I shed one or two portals for you. I haven’t written lately. You’ve been too busy to hear anyway, so I’d thought I’d wait.
Wait, wait, weight. It’s dragging us down, this grounded patience, this heavy EARTH time that has been necessary to stumble through as the painstaking precursor to something new. You had to go through it, the cleaning up, the dirty pain, the blinding realization of your own fat hoarded problems. The moldy mess and serpentine gravity and the horrors you have reconstructed into something opposite than yuck — have altered you.
You are not even the same person. You know what? That is good. You used to be a bit of a moron. Hey, I forgive you. We can all get washed clean in the WATER. You just have to go swimming.
Wait, weight. List carefully now, apprentice. It’s been a long time since you were in love, hasn’t it. Yes, Yes, I know, you’re too mature and old now, too responsible and coherent, too wise for that, too ascended to fall for the games anymore. Too singular, too sovereign.
But what if I told you that to pass the next Gate, you have to be in love?
You’d hate me, wouldn’t you. No, you would say. You would also say, you can’t *make* yourself fall in love.
But can’t you?
Can’t you breathe beats into your heart to power up the loving virtues there? Magnify them, expand them, like the equinox FIRE’s embers getting hotter and hotter? And then, after you have inhaled power into your heart sphere, after you have blown WIND into that treasure chest to activate the heart’s crown, here’s a good one for you:  follow a desire.
Go ahead.
Yeah, you heard me right. A DESIRE.
You hate the word, don’t you? You want to neutralize it. You want to have none, because to you, having few desires — that is peace. But what if peace is not the quality that grows your wings? What if peace is not what spirals us collectively to the next level of the library? 
Hey, I know you don’t like it.  Be in love. hahahahahaha, right? You don’t like this challenge one venomous bit. You are as resistant af. But look: you want to pass the next gate?  You want the many-leaved wing portals to communicate via the implicate order, or no?
Be. in. love.
Oh, but wait, there is one more thing. I might be tricking you. Don’t forget it’s Equinox, the time of perfect balance between day and night, so maybe you should disregard this entire celebration of excess. The edge between night and day is perpendicular to the equator. Balance between. Always touch both worlds at the same time. Are you going to live in love, or in the matrix?
Until next time, I’m singing in your cells, writing books that I never share with anyone, and scrawling love letters in your DNA. Also, I’m hungry, do you guys know where I can get some black bean brownies and pumpkin seed pâté and sweet potato fries?


Article by Dragon


  1. Athan September 24, 2018

    Love. You know perfectly well that’s not the way to love… The trees are still green, the undergrowth is tangled and heavy.  The sunlight streams in at a sharp angle, a golden fan opening through tall pines.  Brown leaves and needles carpet the path, where there is one.  They crunch dry underfoot, my companion and I step carefully, on the way to somewhere. 

    Where exactly, he wonders as he follows me.  Why, I think to myself.  If two people speak telepathically in the the woods, does anyone hear?  The trees hear, they always do.  And we hear them, of course.  Lately they’ve warned us of threats lazily, slow and leisurely for some reason.  Thusfar this has not caused us harm, but has stolen the peace we initially carried.  If we can’t rely on the trees, we have no advantage, and no chance, really.  Unless we find the sage.  The girl, yes, the next step in the quest is the girl.  isthedraagonthegirlisthegirlthedragon?? 

    I haven’t seen her since the day of the fall.  The day I let go of it all and toppled literally from atop the safehouse to the harsh outer world.  Though outer world is not correct, as this is not in any way an outer world.  But outside the lodge and its protection.  That was over three years ago.  I have the feeling that she will return.  Maybe at the point when I display a bit of wisdom, some acceptance of the restoration they claim to be possible here.  I can see her sometimes.  In a tightly woven and well hidden nest of thorns high in the trees.  Glimpses of her, on guard in her part of the woodland.  Shhhhh, there are voices. The trees have started their low chattering.  It is a pleading.  I’ve heard it once before. 

    I must go, Dragon.

    • Dragon May 2, 2020

      Dear Athan,

      If two people speak telepathically in the wood and the trees hear, will the Leaf hear also? Will the Leaf tell of how to find the Sage? Isthedragonthegirlisthegirlthedragon?? I must admit, that is a terrifying question. We need to go ask Leaf, to see if she knows. We need to sleep in the lodge for seven winters. We need spring now, and restoration, and thorns not to wound but to protect. We need the girl. You are terribly right. She is the next step on the quest.

      A beautiful quest. I have no idea where we are going, or if she will be there when we find her. Thank you for sharing this part of the trail. We would be lesser, without you. Leaf wants to tell you something too. I’ll tell her it’s okay.

  2. Mark Riesenberg September 24, 2018

    I love (does this mean that I fulfill your prophecy?) your writing so much. I always have and always will. Exhilarating is the word I will use to describe what your words do for and to me.

    • Leaf May 2, 2020

      Cool. Yes, you fulfill all seven prophecies. No doubt there. Thank you for the kind words, thou art kind and delightful!

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