Lighting a Flame for Aslan

In the deepest winter night
Where memories of summer light
Are faint and cold and so we yearn–
There comes a solstice and return.


The little girl now lights a flame
For the One Who is not Tame
For the One Who is not Wild
For the Kingdom’s lion child.


Shadows reign–so she remembers
Blowing gently on his embers.
Inhaling with his holy breath
Her every exhale is his death.


And on the darkest day on Earth
The deepest Magic shapes a birth
And with the golden flame of art
She crowns the Lion in her heart.


–a poem from the manuscript A Cloak of Fireflies

Article by Leaf


  1. Bella January 2, 2018

    Nice poem. Gentle. Reminds me of reading the Narnia chronicles as a kid. I loved Aslan!

    • Leaf April 24, 2018

      Thank you for the generous words. Reading the Narnia series as a kid was one of the highlights of my literary loves. The sense of harmony and love and the deeper dimensions underlying the external reality was a strong magic in those novels, though not the only ones. I confess that I personified the Creator as Aslan for long after reading the Narnia series, and the honour is acknowledged in the poem.

  2. Prince January 20, 2018

    One caveat, this is an entity for whom I have the utmost respect and love. She’s wonder!

    Like my great mate Jimmy, one of Leaf’s myriad gifts is the ability to take the threads of oneness and equality that permeates all things and birth them into the three dimensional reality with minimal distortion from the mind. This post is but a small example of her faculty to build a specieswide bridge between the hierarchical separation of our species past, and the impending reality of our interconnected future.
    To make fragments of the mystery real, through her art, while paradoxically honoring their unfathomable essence and wonder.

    I also believe that her chosen life path honours all beings, and opens up greater possibility for reclamation of sovereignty through deprogramming and disidentification from obsolete mental paradigms that have infused our collective ‘reality’ since its inception.

    I honour her and her energetic contribution. And I have the utmost respect and resonance with the path she has chosen to walk.

    Keep the interleaving and dreaming alive always team.

    • Leaf May 2, 2020

      Thank you for the kind words! Wow. I don’t even know what to say. I’m flummoxed and honoured and delighted. May you keep dreaming alive too, always and forever. Thank you for being here and appreciating the beauty we try to share.

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