The Helix Library

Reclaim your Story

Delete your shadow version and unshelve your Original Story from the winged mind to become — Real


Dear Humans,

You were once magic, but you sold off pieces of yourself to the machine. You were once free, but the shadow program caged you.

From the Helix Library, where the liberating Stories are shelved — it is time to draw down your own genetic Tale, re-spell a life that wings you, and convert your slavery-codes into living myth.

The Helix Library Mythos—from song to story to game to adventure—is designed to assist you on this Quest.


Hi, I'm Leaf

There is a vast Library inside each of us but we mostly access the dungeon. I open doors to our other—Wings.

My work is devoted to helping us become Real. Becoming alive. Realizing our selfhood. Reclaiming our magic.

Helix Library


Original Stories and primal templates and other unspeakable wonders that are used to code and create Realities. Your story is there too, shelved and waiting.

Editing & Ghostwriting


Professional editing services to sculpt your sentences into masterpieces. Let's take your novel, short story, manuscript, or e-book to the next level.

Story Alchemy

A unique story for you and about you, shaped and commanded by your own inner blueprint. A story about your shadow.

And your light.


“Frameworks are tools: Use them, walk through them, leave them behind.”

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