The Helix Library Mythos is a multidimensional collection of art, myth, story, philosophy, poetry, spoken word & content designed to spark the remembrance of self. Becoming Sovereign. Becoming Real. Together.
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Dear Human,

Do you find your existence boring, fake, wanting, full of suffering, or otherwise not enough?

Tired of living in prisons? In a matrix of lies?

Exhausted from walking dead-end streets leading you back to where you started like you’re stuck on the same level in some bad, endless computer game?

I don’t blame you.

Look, the Original University has one curriculum: the destruction of the Reality Stories that enslave you, and the construction of the ones that will free you.

From Slave to Sovereign.

Imagine if each human on earth had two possible selves, or lives, to enact.

A Shadow Self living in enslavement. Or – the opposite of that.

Given the dysfunctional state of the world, most humans are living out the enslaved, compressed versions of their lives, and collectively, we have created a world to match.

It is time. To dream, write, see, envision, create, claim – and then become – something new. To realize the version of self and planet characterized by our collective genius, sovereignty, and freedom.

Becoming Real. Becoming alive. Realizing our selfhood.

Welcome, to the Liberation Operation.



“Sovereignty is an inner decision that no external condition can void.”

hooded one_FotoSketcher

Hood Ælf